Build 4 Chrome Extensions – Quick Start – Free Course

Deal Score+8
Deal Score+8

Hey there, in this New Year Special we will create 4 extensions in this course from start to finish.

We will be building a word of the day new tab extension, the second extension is called “Epic Mode” which will play music whilst we browse from a background page (similar to Noisli), next we will build a simple todo list that will use localStorage. Finally, the last extension is a web scraper / automation tool that will interact with the active web page and perform a set of commands that we can select.

The aim of the course is to show how quickly you can prototype ideas using a Chrome Extension and also to help you get to grips with how extensions are built. You will learn how to set up an extension including the manifest file, the different types of extensions you can build & how to quickly prototype your ideas into working extensions.

(All of the source code that we start with and the completed projects will be available to download to help speed up the development process)

If you have ever wondered how a Chrome Extension is created or have an idea for an extension you want to create, then this is the perfect course for you!

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